Whiplash – Don Ellis Band

Artist: Don Ellis Band (Written and arranged by Hank Levy)

Song: Whiplash

Genre: Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Rock, Rock, Avant-garde Jazz, Orchestral

A genius piece of art that explores and embraces new and complicated insights of rythm with astonishing ease, becoming a reference in the 70’s Jazz scene. Worth mentioning is, that this track was the inspiration for the Oscar awarded movie “Whiplash” which we highly recommend if you haven’t watched it yet.

The trumpet solo performed by “Wolverine” Don Ellis makes of this song a must in any jazz lover’s music library.

“Whiplash,” composed by Levy for the Don Ellis band, is a notoriously difficult piece. This is due largely in part from the time signature that prevails: 7/4. Don Ellis was a pioneer in championing music that had odd meters. In order to perform this piece effectively all members of the band must understand how each measure is sub-divided or broken down into smaller parts. Levy’s genius shines in his ability to save the more complex subdivisions for later sections of the work including the head-spinning ending. – Erik Morales, Alfredgerlines.wordpress.com

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCykgzrwIw0

Hold Out – The Reign Of Kindo

Artist: The Reign Of Kindo

Song: Hold Out

Genre: Jazz Fusion, Indie, Progressive Rock

These guys’ combination of jazzy piano and percussion paired with Joseph Secchiaroli’s absolutely soaring vocals are a match made in heaven. Their style is altogether jazzier than most bands in the genre, mixing complex jazz harmonies and dissonances with a Pop Music influence.

If you haven’t listened to them yet, you’ve been missing out. -Ultimateguitar.com Absolutely awesome jazzy piano-driven rock. Never really heard anything like this before. -Rateyourmusic.com 9/10 What more should I say? If this is what the Reign of Kindo call music, well, I love music. – Zac Djamoos (absolutepunk.net)

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD9IT9a63RM spotify:track:3auFf7llPfDrAsVpiGIpM5

What About Me? – Snarky Puppy

Artist: Snarky  Puppy

Song: What about me?

Genre: Jazz

Snarky Puppy’s leader, Michael League, was interviewed and written about in the 2010 book release “The New Face of Jazz” by Cicily Janus. The author cites League’s self-termed music as “jafunkadansion” for its genre-bending qualities of instrumental and dance music. Cicily Janus also comments the “group Snarky Puppy is one of the most inventive in sound and funk since Maynard Ferguson’s fusion years.”

In this particular song, we can appreciate the mindblowing drumming skills by Larnell Lewis as well as an amazing electric guitar solo performed by the great Bob Lanzetti.

Snarky Puppy´s performance of the song “Something” with Lalah Hathaway earned them a Grammy for Best R&B Performance in 2014.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuhHU_BZXSk

Summertime – Kat Edmonson

Artist: Kat Edmonson

Song: Summertime

Genre: Jazz

“Summertime” has been performed live by many incredible artists tens of thousands of times. There might be a better version of “Summertime” than Kat Edmonson’s somewhere but I do not believe it has been recorded yet.

Edmonson’s particular stylistic approach is unique and satisfying for two reasons—the high-quality arrangements by pianist Kevin Lovejoy and Edmonson’s own quirky synthesis of nymph-like timbre and classic jazz phrasing. -Allaboutjazz.com

Edmonson’s first statement is bold. Though jazz singers have covered the Gershwin standard “Summertime” ad nauseam, she shows why the classic song deserves just one more chance. –Brad Mehldau

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M2Z23BPOtw

Hit Me – Dirty Loops

Artist: Dirty Loops

Song: Hit Me

Genre: Jazz Fusion, Dance, Pop

Dirty Loop´s tracks aren’t really all that dissimilar to any number of modern pop hits from Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars. The difference is primarily in Dirty Loops’ high level of technical skill and jazz-infused progressions that lend a deeper harmonic nuance and maturity to their songs, even when they are singing about “sexy girls in the club. -Allmusic.com

Dirty Loops is an innovative, pure musical vision of jazzy, infectious, crystalline-produced, club-ready pop.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utn6TnORINM